Trita – Tailor Made Burger

Foodation-brand-trita“Trita – tailor made burgers” is restaurant born in the pilot store in Piazza XXIV Maggio in Milan in March 2012 with the ambition to act as a quality reference point for burgers in Milan.
The format is very simple, developed in a small take away point with a few stools of support, based on the excellent quality of our meats, all of them, of course, certified.
The burger is made based on your tastes and you can dial it to your liking. You can choose from 4 types of meat (Campanian Buffalo, Limousine Padana, Irish Black Angus and the famous Wagyu from Japan) instantly chopped, prepared in portions of 200 or 250gr.
Choose the type of bread (sesame, poppy seeds or white bread), condiments, sauces and your burger is ready.
Fantastic result, our refrigerated meat grinder allows the meat to maintain the right temperature up to land on the cooking slab, where our grill chef cook it until the doneness you prefer.
Riccardo, Federico and Alessandro, founders of Trita srl, owner of the brand and the format, have ceded the control of the format to Foodation.