Foodation is a serial formats developer of fast casual dining.
It starts from the market, the idea and the product and guides the chain through the most delicate phases of seed, early stage up to be mature chains in order to be replicable on a large scale and for the secondary market.

Born from the brainchild of Riccardo Cortese and Federico Pinna, Foodation directly manages the strategic work of the purchasing department, finance, marketing and communication for all formats, while the network management operations are coordinated by dedicated chain mangers for each individual brand.

The Italian spirit, understood as style and ability to select the ingredients, to reinvent its products and to create the right atmosphere, is the distinctive key element and “fil rouge” that, along with the quality of the products used and the special attention to the image and the communication, linking the different formats.

Sustainable, easily replicable, similar to each other as the cost and labor structure, and with a strong identity: these are the other characteristics shared by the projects in the Foodation portfolio that can be completely developed on their own, in partnership or in franchising.

Currently active brands are: Macinata, Mariu, Burbee, Briscola and Trita.