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Foodation is the holding company founded in 2013, from the idea of Riccardo Cortese and Federico Pinna, as a serial formats developer of fast casual dining. Starting from the market, from the idea and from the product, he guided the chains through the most delicate phases of seed, early stage to bring them to be mature chains to be replicable.
Today Foodation manages exclusively the strategic activities of the purchasing, finance, marketing and communication center for the “Briscola – Pizza Society” brand, the chain on which all the team’s energies and the group’s investments are focused in.



Take “Briscola – Pizza Society”, the pizza club born in Milan, to be a reference point for international food service.
An Italian multi-awarded winning brand, which unites lovers of the most famous food in the world, to conquer the main international cities to become the first “real Italian” chain in the world, from product to design.

Briscola was founded in 2015 in Milan by Riccardo Cortese and Federico Pinna with the support of a small group of investors gathered in a club deal, in 2017 entered the capital the Argenta Holdings Sàrl, which today holds 53%.
Argenta is an international investment holding company owned by Francesco Trapani, successful entrepreneur and manager, formerly CEO and Executive President of important companies such as Bulgari, Lvmh W & J Division and Clessidra Private Equity.
Briscola was born with the ambitious goal of becoming an international chain to give to the true high-quality Italian pizza a prominent place on the European and the worldwide scene.
A traditional product in a contemporary key, with absolute attention to the quality of raw materials, to health and to the environment, is devoted to a demanding cosmopolitan public, sensitive not only to the quality of the food, but also to the interior design of the restaurants and to the quality of service.A small group of young talents led by the two founders constitutes the headquarter: finance, analysis and control, marketing, training & people, research & development contribute to nurturing the business intelligence that, with the support of the most modern and innovative technologies, allows to manage, coordinate and continually improve all the restaurants of the chain.
Briscola has been awarded as the Best pizzeria in Italy in 2015 and in December 2018 as Italy’s Best Restaurant Chain.



Making Briscola Pizza Society the largest club of pizza lovers in the world.

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